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Should you register your process services?

How to register your process serving company name

You should take time to consider the name of your process serving company to make sure that your branding and services are presented in the best light to the public.

After choosing the perfect name you would want to move to secure the name from being taken. There are multiple ways of registering your company’s name. If you can, you would want to protect your name in every possible way.

Here is a list of ways to register your company’s name. Each may represent a different level of protection but all are important.

  1. Register name with Secretary of State

  2. Look for Trademark protection on the federal Level

  3. Purchase Domain for website Security

  4. Setting up a DBA(Doing Business AS)

Registering your company name in 4 different ways

Entity name

For state level protections you would want to register your entity name. The state will use your entity name to identify your business. All 50 states have different rules on how to register your business name. Once a name has been registered with the state it will not be available. Most states would want to know the type of business you're in before clearing your process serving company name for approval.

Check with your Secretary of State for a complete understanding of how to register your business name.

Trademark Protection

Trademark protection can protect your process serving company on a national level. By getting trademark protection you will be safe from lawsuits and competition trying to take what you have built.

Trademark infringement is serious, so before you invest money and time into a name or logo you should check for availability with the United State Patent and Trademark Office.

(DBA) Doing Business As

Registering your trade name is also known as DBA. Having a registered DBA does not protect you from legal exposure but can help when opening a bank account or choosing the correct business structure for your process serving company. Good rule of thumb, it's always better to have more protection than less.

Domain name

To create proper business exposure online you will need your business name registered exactly the same as your entity name .

Once you find the best domain name to represent your process serving company online you can purchase it from companies such Godaddy.

After you purchase your domain name you own it for a limited amount of time. So, to keep your domain name you will have to continually pay a fee.

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