Do you need someone served in Maricopa County Jail?


Serving inmates in Maricopa County Jails can often be difficult and a headache. Inmates in Maricopa County Jails often need to be served with family law documents such as divorce, legal separation, child support, child custody, spousal maintenance, and paternity. Fields Legal Services certified process servers are experienced and have a great relationship with Maricopa County Jail system.


For process servers to enter into Maricopa County Jails they must undergo a vigorous background check. The background check is administered by the National Crime Information Center. The(NCIC) is the US central database for crime related information used by the FBI. Fields Legal Services process servers have already been cleared through NCIC so there will be no delay in serving your legal documents.


When serving legal documents in Maricopa County Jails you must have proper attire. Maricopa county has a strict dress code that must be followed by all visitors including private process server’s. Fields Legal Services process servers understand the rules and will maintain their professionalism completely. Call 602-554-4004


Inmates have various task to complete throughout the Course of a normal day. Inmates time maybe spent in church, legal visits, visitation, and classes. Our process servers understand the schedules of the inmates and can serve them accordingly.


Maricopa county has five jails that include 4th Avenue, Durango, Estrella Lower Buckeye, and the Towers. Fields Legal Services process servers are familiar with the locations and in and out of the jail system.Our Process Server are here to make this process as easy as possible for you. Call 602-554-4004