Process Serving Cost

    ''We'll Beat Any Price''

Evictions Action            $65.00


* picked up within 24-hours or sooner

* 1 in person attempts within 24 Hours 

* 1 attempt made by certified mail

* 2 total attempts within 3-days or sooner

(Notary Fee May Apply)


Regular Service          $99.00


* picked up within 48-hours or sooner

* 1st attempt within 48-hours or sooner

* 4 total attempts within 5-days or sooner

(Notary Fee May Apply)

Same-Day Service          $139.00

1st attempt within 12-hours 

* 4 total attempts within 3-days or sooner


Bulk Serve Discount     Call For Price



Court Filing Fee (30.00)+Court Fee

Each Additional Document to be filed at same time are 5.00 each.

Document Pick-Up 25.00



Stakeout Fee   $50.00 Hourly



Additional Papers/Document 


Each Additional Document served on same person or entity at the same address for Regular, Quicker, or Top/Priority Service is $5.00 per Document.


New Address / Server Locate Authorization


If the address provided by the client is incorrect and new address is found and the person is served, a new address fee of $30.00 will be charged in addition to the service charge.


      Out-of-County Fee    



                     Out-of-County mileage Fee                    



In Arizona it is required that we as process servers must Notarize the Returns, Affidavits, or other documents.  Therefore, since we do not have an in-house Notary, the fee to have your papers Notarized is $5.00.