3 Steps To Serving Divorce Papers in Arizona

The Laws behind divorce can be complicated and hard to understand. Here’s an easy guide to navigate serving divorce papers that the everyday person can comprehend. Follow our 3 Step guide to serving your divorce papers.

Step 1: Gather All Relevant Documents From Courts.

The courts list of documents needed for a dissolution of marriage can be daunting and overwhelming. Here is a list of documents needed in a divorce.


  • Application for Change of Name

  • Conciliation

  • Prepare a Child Support worksheet

  • Prepare a Parenting Plan

  • Establish paternity, legal decision making, parenting time, and child support

  • Dissolution of Marriage

  • Service

  • Response(to a petition)

  • Affidavit for Default

  • Decree on Demand Hearing

  • Consent/Default Decree

  • Enforce or modify an existing decree/court order

  • Probate

  • Service

  • Fee Deferral

  • Property Tax Appeal 

Step 2: Figure Out Service Options

Although choosing a method of serving divorce documents may seem easy but it may be more complicated than you my understand. Fields Legal Services process servers are here to clear up any confusion. 


Process Server- This option is best when you have a person evading service and or hard to locate. Hiring a registered process server may not be the cheapest option but it will be will save you time and money in the long run.


Sheriff- This may be the best option for individuals that are dealing with hostile partners that refuse to accept the dissolution of Marriage. This is definitely the most expensive option. This option is not the best.


Service by Acceptance- This is the least expensive option but often is not a viable option for most people in the middle of a divorce. The entails sending the documents certified mail and asking your partner to sign them in front of a notary and sending them back to you. This is usually a waste of time and money. 


Serving divorce papers by any other method than using a registered Process Server would be a waste of your time and money.

Step 3: Affidavit Of Service

Your case will not be allowed to continue until you have filed an affidavit of service. An affidavit of service is a sworn statement made by a process server to the courts that everything stated is completely true. That all facts are the facts.


The 3 Steps guide above are hard to understand but we are here for you at Fields Legal Services. Allow us to help you in a hard time. Divorce can damage the life of most people. Don't let it destroy yours! Call us now!