Here at Fields Legal Services we provide a wide array of service such as
Process Server,filing court papers,document retrieval,skip tracing,and notary public.

What is a Legal Process Server ?

Historically process servers were always known as the bearer of bad news. Actually process servers are so much more than the “reapers of the legal system”. First, every American citizen is granted the right of due process by the U.S. Constitution. So the Process Service profession was set up to be a delivery system for court notifications like summons and subpoenas. The Process Service industry is actually a vital part of our legal system and without process servers our court system as we know it would not be able to function properly.

What Documents do we Server ?

  • Small Claims Cases 

  • Summons and Complaints 

  • Cross Complaints & Discovery 

  • 5-Day Notices 

  • Unlawful Detainers (Evictions) 

  • Subpoenas and Subpoenas duces tecum 

  • Order for Appearance and Examination

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation, or Nullity 

  • Petition for Child Custody & Child Support 

  • And More...

How can our process servers help you ?

Here at Fields Legal Services we have a five step process to completing your Service job.


  1. Give us a call!

  2. Send over you documents via Email

  3. We’ll promptly serve your documents

  4. We’ll contact you and let you know your documents have been served.

  5. We’ll filed your affidavit with the courts and send you a copy.


By following this five-step process with efficiency and great customer service Fields Legal Services has grown to be one of Phoenix, Arizona premier Process Service agencies.

Filing Court Doucument in Maricopa County

In Phoenix, Arizona and every other state in America attorneys must file motions, briefs, and other documents with the court in Order for them to take effect. Individuals who choose to represent themselves must also file court documents with the city, county, or state. Fields Legal Services provides attorneys and every day people with the the ability to have their papers filed from the comfort of home or the office. Our court runners will personally pick up your papers take and file them with the appropriate courts.Fields Legal Services is here to help the everyday man to manage the court system process.

When filing court documents with the city, county, or state require you to have certain paperwork.

-Sealed Briefs/Petitions – Original + 2 copies

- All other Sealed Documents: Original + 1 Copy

- Original and each copy of document to be filed in separate sealed manila envelope with a title/caption page attached to each envelope

- A separate motion to file a document under seal is required unless the case itself is already sealed 

Fields Legal Services has the knowledge and experience to handle all Court Filing needs. Call us!!!

Document Retrieval

Fields Legal Services document retrieval program is set up to deliver the best and fastest service possible. With a great knowledge of the downtown Phoenix, Arizona area were able to expedite service for law firms and the everyday man alike. Our document retrieval specialist are able to retrieve marriage certificate, court records, certified documents and many more. Our document retrieval specialist have direct relationships with the Maricopa county Superior Court for family, civil, criminal, and probate cases. For most cases the everyday man can set up an ECR(Electronic Court Record)account that allows you to file and retrieve documents electronically. Fields Legal Services is here to assist you in anyway necessary to help navigate your way through our court system. So, give us a call at 602-554-4004 for more information.

Skip Tracing

Fields Legal Services skip tracer‘s are precise and artful at locating individuals for law firm‘s and the everyday man. Our skip tracer’s are trained in all the latest techniques of finding any individual. Fields Legal Services has access to multiple large commercial databases, credit reports, and criminal backgrounds checks programs. If need be Fields Legal Services skip tracer’s will communicate with subjects past employers, family members, landlords, personal, professional associates, and neighbors. Fields Legal Services is dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best results possible. To hear more about our skip tracing services please contact us at 602-554-4004

Notary Public

Fields Legal Services Notary Public are officials appointed by the secretary of state. Our Notary are both stationary and mobile. We can come to you if your located anywhere in Maricopa County. Call 602-554-4004