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Become a process server in Arizona

How To Become A Registered Process Server In Arizona

Requirement to become a process server in Arizona:

  1. Above the age of 21

  2. Not be party to the case

  3. Completion of an application

  4. Passage of an exam

  5. Submission of a fingerprint

  6. Completion of continuing education

What are process servers in Arizona?

A process server is defined as a person, especially a sheriff or deputy, who serves writs, warrants, subpoenas, etc. Serving legal documents is a critical part of the legal process. Process servers are usually considered as officers of the court when certified by a particular state.

What does a process server in Arizona Do?

Process servers are tasked with serving legal documents to individuals involved in a court proceeding prior to their scheduled court date.

Where To Register to Become A Registered Process Server In Arizona?

Any person seeking a court appointment to serve process shall file an application with the circuit clerk.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Process Server License In Arizona?

Becoming a process server can take 6-12 weeks

Arizona Process Server Bonding Companies:

  1. Southwest Bond Services, Inc

  2. USA American Eagle Bonds Insurance Agency LLC

  3. WorldWide Insurance Specialists, Inc

What Is A Process Servers Salary In Arizona?

A process server salary is completely determined on how many service jobs completed. Your salary is determined by your work ethic and drive to succeed.

Where Can I Get My Process Server Application?

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