• Monica Fields

Paypal or Square for process servers?

How do process serving company’s accept payments

How and when you accept payment into your process serving company can affect your sales. Choosing the most cost effective, easy for the customer to use, and protected method of receiving payment can increase sales greatly.

Accepting Debit and Credit cards

For a process server starting out, choosing the right bank or merchant service account can be the difference of thousands of dollars a year.

Some merchant service providers have lower fees than others. But all have some sort of processing fee they charge for set up and per transaction.

Finding a secure payment processor to protect against fraud will be optimal. Make sure your card reader accept chip in order to prevent risk of liability

Checks/Money Orders

Having a business account will allow you to deposit or cash checks that come into your business.

Most process servers do not accept personal checks because of the risk of getting a fraudulent check. As a process server accepting Money orders is a good option for those who can’t pay by card or cash.


Cash is king, but operating your business on a cash only basis is not practical in the modern age. Accepting cash can be great for business because it’s the simplest method of payment but it can be an accounting nightmare. Process serving companies should be aware of taxes and possible pitfalls.

Taking Online payments

Every process serving company should have a website that has some form of online payment service. The most popular of the online payment processors are PayPal and Stripe.

Online payment services like traditional merchants charge a processing fee for accepting payment. Additional charges will apply to transfer funds from third party banking institutions such as paypal to your bank.

Taking payments online is the best option for process serving companies in the beginning.

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