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How much does it cost to run a process serving company?

How much does it cost to open process serving business?

When opening a process service you will have to decide whether you are going with a brick and mortar office or operate digitally with an online store. In either case you will need to determine start up cost. Here is a list of expenses when opening a brick and mortar office that you’ll need to take into account when budgeting your finances.

  • Cost of potential Office space ($300-$2000)mo.

  • Cost of office supplies and equipment ($300-$500)mo.

  • Cost of Communications Methods($100)mo.

  • Cost of Office Utilities($150-$200)mo.

  • Cost of Gas/and Car Maintenance($1000-$2500)mo.

  • Cost to maintain Licenses and permits($300)yr.

  • Cost of General Liability Insurance($30)mo.

  • Cost of Accountant(Free) Software

  • Cost of Lawyer Fees($1000)yr.

  • Cost of 1099/Employee salaries (depends on employees)mo.

  • Cost of Advertising and marketing($500)mo.

  • Cost of Printed marketing materials($150)mo.

  • Cost of Making a website($20)mo.

  • Cost of Digital Marketing($300)wk.

How much does cost to open a Digital Process Service?

Opening a digital process service can definitely be cost effective if you are bootstrapping your start-up. Here is a list of expenses that you will have to take into account.

  • Cost of Permits and licensing

  • Cost of Equipment and maintenance

  • Cost of Domain hosting and email

  • Cost of Software and platforms

  • Cost of Utilities and access

  • Cost of Transactional costs

  • Cost of Insurance

  • Cost of Professional fees

  • Cost of Employees and contractors

  • Cost of Marketing and advertising

  • Cost of Taxes

Understanding the complete cost of running a process service

After identifying your process service cost and whether you're opening a brick and mortar or digital shop, you should be mindful of potential pitfalls and risk.

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