• Monica Fields

5 questions about process server market research

How to use market research to find process serving customers

Trends and customer behavior research can help improve your business if implemented correctly.

Before starting your process serving company you must know who your customers will be. It is extremely important to understand the demographics of people and companies that use process servers.

If you're starting out and hope to gain customers you should figure out target age, location, socioeconomic status, family structure of customers. You should also look for companies that may use process servers and how often.

When you are looking for customers for your process serving company, answer these questions.

  • Does this person/company need a process server?

  • How many people or companies use process servers in your specific area?

  • Are your potential customers employed and where would they reside?

  • How many process serving companies are in your targeted area?

  • How much does the process serving companies in your target market charge?

How to use competitive analysis to take your piece of the pie

You can learn about potential customers by using a competitive analysis of your competitors. You can use this analysis to find what you can use to create a competitive advantage.

Here is a list of thing to measure to identify when creating your competitive analysis:

  1. Learn the market share of all large process serving companies

  2. Find other process server strength and weaknesses

  3. When will be the best time to enter the market

  4. Learn how invested your process server competition in target market

  5. Find out what can prevent you from entering the process serving market

  6. Find out what companies you can help use to help further your success.

Resources to help you find emerging trends in the process serving industry

For process services to succeed they must take advantage of every opportunity. And having reliable statistics can keep you ahead of the competition.

Focus Goal Reference

General business statistics

Find statistics on industries, business conditions

NAICS, Statistics, Statistical Abstract of the United States, U.S. Census Bureau

Consumer statistics Gain info on potential customers, consumer markets

Consumer Credit Data, Consumer Product Safety

Demographics Segment the population for targeting customers

U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Economic indicators Know unemployment rates, loans granted and more

Consumer Price Index, Bureau of Economic Analysis

Employment statistics Dig deeper into employment trends for your market

Employment and Unemployment Statistics

Income statistics Pay your employees fair rates based on earnings data

Earnings by Occupation and Education, Income Statistics

Money and interest rates Keep money by mastering exchange and interest rates

Daily Interest Rates, Money Statistics via Federal Reserve

Production and sales statistics Understand demand, costs and consumer spending

Consumer Spending, Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Trade statistics Track indicators of sales and market performance

Balance of Payments, USA Trade Online

Statistics of specific industries Use a wealth of federal agency data on industries

NAICS, Statistics of U.S. Businesses