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Setting up your process server business

Set Up Your Business

Create payment arrangement

You must have fees prepared for different types of cases whether it is for a private individual, a court or law firm.

Be competitive because you will not be alone during the search for new clients.

Set your fees according to your experience.

Check the competitor’s rates by making an anonymous call or consult the court system or law firm to see how much they pay to the firm’s servers.

Develop an invoicing and payment structure:

Consider how you will write receipts to your clients and the types of payments you will be willing to accept for your services. Just remember, make it easy to report the income. Use this process:

Have a separate banking account for your business and personal finances.

Have individual and business credit lines. Distinguish which expenses are for you and what expenses are being incurred by your business.

Transparency is essential, so the client understands each aspect of your fees. Honesty is always the best policy.

Market yourself and your business in a simple but concise process:

  • Prepare a letterhead, business cards, and brochures or flyers to either handout or for mailing purposes.

  • Choose courts or law firms in your area which are close to where you would like to work.

  • Keep your brand/byline distinctive, simple, but at the same time one that will be attractive to potential clients.

  • Use customer referrals and word-of-mouth advertising. However, remember to keep your business on the ‘up and up’ and maintain strong business relationships with your customers.

Recruit a steady client base:

While compiling your list of clients, you will want to have enough business to extend for up to six months. Your capital will need to grow as you continue to expand your business. Consider these tips:

  • Present the client with your resume, business plan and any other essential information that might be desired.

  • Prepare a business/professional letter to any of the local business which could use your services.

  • Line up a meeting of the local businesses and deliberate the possibilities whereas you could benefit the company or individual.

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