• Monica Fields

Paying your Federal taxes as a process server.

How to get your federal tax id number for your process serving company

Your federal tax id number is one in the same as your employer identification number.

After registering your business you should go online to the I.R.S. website and get you EIN completely free.

EIN or federal tax id numbers are very important for reasons such as paying employees, finding company structure, filing taxes returns, and more.

You can change your EIN online

Changing your EIN is only necessary when you change your name, change your address, if you decide to change ownership or management, and or change your tax status.

Do Process Servers need state tax id

Some states require you to get a state tax id number to perform a service. Whether you need a state tax id or not you will have tax obligations at the state level. You will need to check with your local state authority for further information.

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