• Monica Fields

Fund your process serving business today

How do you Fund your process serving company

First you'll need to determine how much money you need!

Most businesses have different requirements, even process serving companies, and everyone's personal situations are different. The amount of money you have and level of creativity you are about to invest will be a major determining factor of whether your company will be successful.

Should you self-fund your process serving company

Bootstrapping your business means putting in your own money and running your business on as little as possible. You can get capital from savings accounts, 401k, or family or friends. Self-funding is often the best way to start a process serving company.

Funding your business saves you from dealing with venture capitalists and banks. Keeping your process serving company from making loan payments and paying out equity draws early in the business life can be the determining factor in your company's success.

Should you get a small business loan for your process serving company

There is both good and bad in taking a small business loan to start your process serving company. The benefit of starting your process serving company with a loan is you don't have to take on partners and you'll be able to retain 100% control of your company. The bad part of taking a small business loan is that monthly loan payments can eat up all your profits.

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