• Monica Fields

How do I get a process serving mentor?

Experience is the best teacher:

Choose a mentor who has experience as a process server and understands the full extent of the law.

He/she can assist you if/when the time arises. You will be ahead of the game with the experience received from the precious advice provided by the mentor ranging from fee structures to continuing education, and the handling of difficult clients.

Locating the people who don’t want to be found make the job similar to a bounty hunter.

You have to be excellent as a skip tracer which could be a matter of sitting on some deserted steps outside of a business or home to locate the individual.

The process can be challenging because you must receive a signature to prove the papers have been served.

You mentor can advise you on everything you need to know.

Many cases are simple, but for others, not so much. You will need a physical description of the person and his/her general information including work and home addresses.

Unfortunately, sometimes you may need to resort to speaking with neighbors and in some cases digging through trash to establish residency.

In other cases, you might be able to leave the papers with co-workers or family members.

Sub-serving may not always work, and as a server, you might need to leave the papers in a prominent place if the homeowner will not open the door.

As a server, you will only be allowed to deliver papers for civil courts.

It is unsafe for you to work criminal cases since these are handled by law enforcement agents and the sheriff departments.

Other Benefits of Having a Mentor

  • You will learn to take control of your career.

  • Your self-confidence will be increased by a mentor.

  • The mentor will teach you how to ‘stand up’ and be heard.

  • Your interpersonal relationship skills can be improved.

  • An important networking contact is established for you.

  • You become more educated on how to accept feedback such as leadership skills, communications, management changes, and technical abilities.

  • You will better understand the unspoken rules which can be a critical element for success.

  • Important skills can be practiced such as mediation conflicts.

  • As a program manager, your management abilities will be strengthened.

  • Your leadership abilities will be improved.

  • You will learn now to work effectively with individuals in different places in his/her career and learn how to deal with different personalities.

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