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Fields Legal Services in Phoenix provides you the very best in the quality of services and expediency in serving legal papers. Any time you require a Phoenix, Arizona process server, count on us. We will ensure that our professional process servers will address all your needs.


Our wide experience in the industry is what sets us apart from other new entrants and the typical process servicing companies in Phoenix, Arizona. Most of all, we are part of the Arizona Process Server Association, which certainly gives us a competitive advantage in process servicing in Phoenix.

Who we are

Fields Legal Services is a private process server service in Phoenix, Arizona. We are meticulously trained and certified by Maricopa County. You definitely have every reason to trust our professional team.


Our legal service is a reliable industry leader in all the latest Process Server technology and techniques. We are aware that the process service industry is continually changing. And for us to meet the demands of this field, we stick to innovative trends and modalities. This ensures that no one outruns the law, as our real-time technologies keep tabs with such subjects.


Some of these cutting-edge technologies that we use include the following: mobile applications, websites, data transfer, and electronic imaging, and much more. They make it easier to deliver or serve legal documents without frittering away time or the client's money.


Our Process Servers have a lot of knowledge of Phoenix, Arizona, and surrounding areas. So, if you're in Phoenix, Arizona, and in need of a Process Server, call 602-554-4004, Fields Legal Services.


Our PROCESS SERVERs provide a wide array of services, such as serving legal documents, filing court papers, document retrieval, skip tracing, and notary public.

Maricopa County has civil and criminal laws that process servers must follow and obey and our process servers will always abide by the law. If you need a process server, call us now on 602-554-4004.

Why Fields Legal Services?

  • Highly rated

First and foremost, we have nearly 50, five-star ratings and reviews from our dedicated customers. Indeed, these thrilling ratings have been essential to our law firm. It is a mark of quality and trust of our customers. This is an indispensable fraction of consumer feedback that shows how much we have been dedicated to offering reliable and trustworthy services, and all our customers are appreciative of it.

  • Timely

Many customers prefer us because we are fast process servers. We understand that you need to receive your legal papers fast so that you can start preparing for the legal processes required. We believe that your documents are essential, and therefore, the quicker you receive them, the better.

  • Status reports

We help you to keep track of all your legal documents that are sent out. We do this mostly via phone calls, text messages, or even email – whichever you prefer the most. You cannot lose any of your documents with our effective report tracking system. It also helps in finding any misplaced document, in case this happens, but the system seals every loophole.

  • Repeated service attempts

We may not necessarily offer unlimited service attempts to reach you, but we will always work towards ensuring that you receive your legal documents as much as possible. Speak with us today to learn more about our fees.

  • Digital acceptance

We also a printed version of your legal papers in your office, especially for our or priority servicing of legal documents. You can speak with us today about our priority or expedited service, including our fees in this regard. Why wait for too long, and you can receive your legal documents as a case of urgency.

  • Dedicated service provider

One thing that makes us even more exclusive and much more inimitable is that we keep all our promises. We mean our words and mince none of them at all. We separate ourselves from other typical process servers, who make endless promises about the submission of your legal documents. At Fields Legal Services in Phoenix, Arizona, our word is our effective policy. We work together with many industry players to ensure that all our promises are kept. We are process servers that you can trust.

Your Dedicated Downtown Phoenix Process Server

One of the primary factors that make us your preferred process server provider is that we work only with the best team in the industry. Our team of dedicated employees is here to serve you. No need to keep on waiting for your legal documents on end, fearing losing out on crucial legal information and papers in the long run.


All our process servers are adept and well-experienced personnel. This is because we keep tight quality control and quality assurance benchmarks for recruiting and vetting of all our employees. We do not leave behind any stone unturned for the duration of the recruitment and selection process. This is why we are always the best in the industry because we pick the best all year round.


Many process services operating in Phoenix, Arizona, and its environs, point out that running a process server business in this area is a mountain task. Indeed serving just a fraction of 1.5 million people, Phoenix is no joke – the 13th most populated location in the whole of America. We have been in business in Phoenix, Arizona, for the last five years now and still making a big name for ourselves. We have the right experience to locate and even serve beyond our client’s expectations.


Anytime you need your important legal papers delivered in Phoenix, Arizona, let Fields Legal Services do the job, as professional and fast as possible. With so many types of documents to serve, for example, legal summons, complaints, and much more, Fields Legal Services takes pride in providing process services that connect perfectly with the great people of Phoenix.

Our Location

Address: 5060 N 19th Ave suite 304, Phoenix, AZ 85015

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