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Our team of skilled process servers is timely, dependable, and dedicated. They are well trained and people of integrity. We know that all your legal issues or papers are time-sensitive; therefore, we are committed to serving them on time, including court order papers.


Most of all, all our process servers stick to state statutes, civil laws and procedures. We have put them through rigorous background checks, and we guarantee that we hire only the best of the best, who meet high industry standards in the Cave Creek process server market.

Process Servers: Brief Summary

Process server is a commonly used legal jargon in the legal fraternity. However, people outside the legal world possibly have little or no information about process server. While this term may be known by some people, in the legal world, there are many misconstructions of what process servers are expected of, daily.


To help define process service or process servers, it is essential to note that this is a privilege enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. On the same note, every Citizen of America has the right to be informed about their summons as stipulated in the 5th and 6th amendments of the Constitution.


Process servers can be described simply as messengers, who work towards informing people of their constitutional rights of the law by serving them with notifications that indicate the legal matters that distinctively involves them.


Traditionally, legal documents were usually served to people through their local county sheriffs. Moreover, as towns and cities developed in the US, it was evident that the sheriffs were having a difficult time issuing legal documents to people while they still needed to attend to other critical legal issues in their areas of jurisdiction. In this case, there was an urgent need to designate an authorized person to issue the legal documents to people fast and legally, leading to the creation of process servers.

What does our Process Servers do?

We at Fields Legal Services, work towards ensuring that all your necessary legal documents reach you in time. This includes court papers that need filling or retrieval of legal documents. Our primary task is to serve or deliver legal papers to defendants or people incriminated in a court case.


Immediately after our professional process servers issue you with your legal papers, they deliver concrete evidence proving that the legal documents were successfully given to you. This form of evidence provided is often described as a proof of service or simply an affidavit of service that must be authenticated and be submitted to the party or firm that required the legal documents to be issued to you in the first place.


Our process servers are legally mandated to issue legal documents as required by their state. We understand that process service laws are different in every state. Equally, our Cave Creek process server obligation is pegged on our state-specific laws.

Why is our Process Service Important?

Our process service is highly valuable for a lot of reasons. However, the leading reason is to ensure that the legal process is defended at all times in Cave Creek, Arizona. Moreover, a Cave Creek process server is a critical part of civil society, who ensures that legal documents are issued or delivered effectively and appropriately.


Besides, if legal papers are not delivered as required, the courts will not manage to issue a judgment on cases involving people if they were not informed legally about it. For example, in case the process servicing is considered unsuitable. The whole court case can be dismissed. Thus, we are always conscious of Cave Creek, Arizona laws, which help us to follow the appropriate way of serving defendants legally.

Streamlining the Work of Legal Mavens in Cave Creek, Arizona

We at Fields Legal Services have a lot of experience working hand in hand with law firms and lawyers in Cave Creek, Arizona. On the same note, we are informed about the constant stress factors and challenges that legal professionals can bring forth.


Owing to the statutes of limitation as well as other crucial factors, ensuring that legal documents are delivered the appropriate way, fast and effectively, can determine the success of your case.


We at Fields Legal Services desire to assist you in getting rid of this legwork when it comes to delivering documents. We can carry out process services in the whole of Cave Creek, Arizona, with implausible accuracy and in reference to the laws.


We focus on localized process services, so feel free to grant us the control of your Cave Creek process server needs. We will allow you to keep track of the status of your process server. We will also send you the proof of service via email, or mailbox, whichever is preferable to you.

3 Easy Steps of our Legal Process Service

  • Step 1: Call or Email Documents

You will need to call 602-554-4004 or email us. Upon receiving your call or email, we will respond by sending you an email confirmation.

  • Step 2: Delivery of your legal documents

At this point, a Cave Creek process server will make necessary efforts to deliver your legal document as per your task order request.

  • Step 3: Get your Affidavit of Service – Proof of service

The moment you receive your legal documents successfully, we will issue you with a proof of service, ascertaining that you have received your documents as required by the law or court rule.

Types of Cave Creek Process Server Requests

We service the following types of requests from our clients in Cave Creek, Arizona, daily. We ensure that all our customers are happy with our timely and reliable services.

General Civil Litigation papers

·         Complaints as well as summons

Real estate-related papers

·         Eviction notification documents

·         Landlord/Tenant papers

·         Foreclosure papers

·         Bank levy documents

·         Wage garnishment papers

Family law papers

·         Child support or custody papers

·         Certainty determination documents

·         Divorce papers

Visitation documents

And more..

Wrapping up

At Fields Legal Services, we thrive in helping our clients in minimizing this problem by looking out only for accomplished professionals for our clients. Our corporation is set apart from other firms by only searching for the very best.


We pride ourselves on offering aggressive, timely, and dependable services at competitive rates in the market. We are certified by Maricopa County to provide highly-rated communication and confidential processing of legal documents.

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